Below are just 3 of the top 10 football clubs in the world in the course of human history

Underlined in within this text are a few of the most successful clubs of all time. Keep reading to learn more about 3 of the most winning clubs ever.

Maybe this northern Italian team is not the most successful football club of all time, but honestly, it’s not far off from being so and it certainly does not diminish their successes during the course of their lucrative and successful origin. Having picked up nearly 50 major trophies since their development, this Italian mega club is the second most successful in the most distinguished European tournament. Famous for playing in a league (and country) that favours strong defensive sides over any others, this club has powered their way through to a good number of major trophies. The AC Milan owner is running a club that is currently trying to re-establish themselves as a true dominant force, simultaneously on the international scene and domestic scene alike. With such excellent support, it’s likely to happen sooner than some may believe.

One among the most successful football clubs in England and the world dons the iconic red kit. Though the club is currently trying to navigate its way out of a rocky transitionary period, Manchester United still has an enviable history and an amazing list of honours. In fact, the Manchester United owner is in charge of the most successful English club of all, with boasting over sixty trophies to their name in their lengthy and proud history. English football is known for being very fast-paced and physically demanding, and at the pinnacle of their achievements (when a popular Scottish coach was the boss), few clubs were as entertaining to watch as they were. Currently seeking to climb their way back to the best of world football, you can never ever count out United to accomplish something special at the last minute.

If you're especially interested in knowing which football team has won the most trophies in the world? Then it must come as no major shock to you to know that Real Madrid has the honour of being the most successful football club in the world in regard to local prominence but more notably, European reputation. This Spanish super side has mastered the beautiful game, having won more than 80 awards in their historic past. They have reigned over not just the southern European country, but likewise all of the continent too. Their style of play, which tends to have a touch of pizzazz about it, has won them record titles not just at home but likewise in the European league too. The Real Madrid president is in control of a club that has been home to a few of the most notable footballers to ever play football, and you can be certain that their successful past and winning pedigree will continuously attract footballers of the highest quality for years to come.

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